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It's Thanksgiving time, our national holiday dedicated to gluttonous overeating, remorseful bellyaches, and segregated age-based seating. Eat up, this holiday is the only thing keeping the beleaguered yam industry alive! Do you how many yam farmers are counting on Thanksgiving to turn enough profit to keep their yam farm mortgages from being foreclosed?! Look, you don't have actually eat the stuff, just put a spoonful on your plate and hide it under an extra roll or something. And while you sit there, playing with lives of innocent farmers with your menu choices, here are some ways you can enhance your enjoyment of Thanksgiving:

* What Thanksgiving means to Mythical Creatures NEW!

* How to Win the Thanksgiving Day Food Fight NEW!

* The Story of the Real First Thanksgiving NEW!

* How to Win the Wishbone Pull

* Quiz: Tron or the 1st Thanksgiving?

* Thanksgiving Day Costumes

* 20 Thanksgiving Myths

* Thanksgiving Day Conversation Stoppers

* Thanksgiving Day Eating Games

* The Hand Thanksgiving


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