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Internet Voters Declare: Terrell Should Really Be a Member of the Village People!

Rob with check.
Mr. T (right) presents Terrell (prone) with giant novelty check.

LOS ANGELES (Van Gogh-Gogh Intermunicipal News), April 20, 2001— After more than a month of semi-feverish online voting, the Van Gogh-Goghs comedy group today announced that Rob Terrell won the 'Which Van Gogh-Gogh should really be a member of the Village People?' contest.

Voters turned out in kinda-record numbers for Terrell, 32, who portrayed "Rob," a lovable, huggable, psychotic hobo. At the awards ceremony, longtime Van Gogh-Gogh non-fan Mr. T. presented Terrell with a prize check for "spare change." Terrell is also now required to apply for membership in the long-running disco superstars the Village People.

Terrell's win was a surprise upset over group member T. Mike Childs, the Crude, Offensive Asian Stereotype. Childs was heavily favored to win thanks to strong support amongst his mother, but a flurry of eleventh-hour votes pushed Terrell past Childs.

"I thought T. Mike [Childs] was supposed to win this dumb-ass thing," said Terrell. "No, seriously."

Childs, who also placed second in the group's 'Who Looks Dorkiest in a Beret' contest, was sanguine about his loss.

"Always a bridesmaid, never a bride," he said.

The Van Gogh-Goghs were surprised that Childs and Terrell took such large leads over the rest of the members. Before the contest, a poll of Van Gogh-Goghs indicated that Alan Benson, the "Overgrown Cub Scout (Deceased)," was heavily favored to win.

T. Mike and trophy
Childs (left) receives 2nd place trophy.

"I thought Alan had it locked up," said group member Jason Torchinsky. "I mean, he was gettin' his dead Cub Scout on!"

The other members-Charles Rempel as "Mr. Swinger Man," Galen Black as "Redneck Santa," and Jason Torchinsky as "Robot" -were never expected to win, but should be applauded for trying.

"Who are the Village People?" Rempel asked. "Is me losing good or bad?"

The contest, begun on February 16, 2001, presented all six members of the Van Gogh-Goghs in various costumes and asked voters to decide which one should be a new member of the Village People.

In addition, one lucky voter (to be announced soon) will receive a Van Gogh-Gogh t-shirt, ensuring that this contest wasn't entirely a waste of time.

The Village People
The new lineup of the Village People.

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