Cola Rape Range!? Stay the hell away from there!

Cola Rape Range?!

So either the schmuck who has to lay out the grocery store ads got real bored, or billionaires who consider themselves above the law, have created a secret, hidden estate, where they flaunt all propriety and decency and indulge their sick fantasies and decadent tastes: The Cola Rape Range.

Where innocent women, kidnapped fresh out of Nancy Grace/CNN stories are released, dazed and drugged, and then hunted down and their tender womanhoods ruthlessly violated by horrible mutant colas. Whether these colas, whose very existence are an affront to God, are cans or bottles, we can’t know. We just can’t know.

All we can do is pray.

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  1. kevinderrick Says:

    (tried to email you via furniture porn, but no active email.)

    Furniture porn is a great site… but I see it’s not been active for some time. Do you have any interest in selling the domain with content included? Just curious.