The seven words you can’t say in heaven.

So by now I’m sure every comedy dork and laughter enthusiast has heard that the legendary George Carlin is dead. I’m bothering to actually post about it because once, many years ago, I won some comedy contest and got to open for George Carlin when he performed at UNC. I met him backstage, and found him to be very approachable and unpretentious.

He’s also the first celebrity I pulled my universally-adored “call the famous guy by the wrong famous guy name” gag: I called him “Slappy White“; and let me tell you, got big laughs. This gag was so big about 7 or so years later I had an encore to do it again, this time to Eric Idle, who I called “Benny Hill.” I’m hoping by 2014 I’ll get to call Jon Stewart “Jimmy Fallon.” 

Opening for George Carlin really was a huge honor, and I think the biggest crowd I’ve ever been in front of without brandishing a weapon. So thanks, Mr.Carlin, and have fun using the word “Cocksucker” in front of Ghandi and some saints.

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