The Fantasy SNL League Draft: Round Ten

Eight strong rounds, and I drop the ball in the ninth. Ugh. Luckily, my tenth round is set for me; I have to pick a newscaster, and I have my pick of what’s left. I should be able to survive this.

According to our guidelines, it’s set in stone what category people will pick from: Jason and T. Mike need to choose a woman, while Galen, Rob and Alan will select a man. The only question is whom they choose.

T. Mike Childs selects Robin Duke

Not really a BAD choice, but not an inspired choice, either. It’s a selection that justifies Galen’s Top Chick Gambit in the early rounds. Duke is fine for secondary roles, and she did a great job with the “Mr. and Mrs. T’s Bloody Mary Mix” sketch. Maybe that’s exactly what he’s looking for.

Well, T. Mike? Is that what you’re looking for?:

Round 10. I got nothing. NOTHING. I needs one mo womans, and I gots NOTHING. The last name on my female list? Robin Duke. Sigh. Whatever. Take it, slink off, and console yourself with Wayne’s World, it’s party time, it’s excellent. Man, I can’t believe Alan took Mary Gross. I thought surely, SURELY, I can get Mary Gross. Julia Louise-Dreyfuss? Please. She got funny AFTER leaving SNL.

–T. Mike Childs

I don’t think Robin Duke is a whatever/slink-off kind of pick, but that’s just me. Jason has his own opinion on this pick, but I’m not going to add it to this summary. Let’s just say it has to do with Robin Duke and her stupid fucking horse face. Oh, maybe I did add it to this summary. Never mind.

Speaking of Jason, I wonder how he’ll screw this up now. If he tries to select Don Knotts in a dress, I may have to check out airfare prices, just so I can fly to L.A. and punch him in the neck.

Jason Torchinsky selects Amy Poehler

A great pick, especially for the tenth round. I was just about to congratulate him, but then Galen admitted he made the pick for Jason. Oh well, at least he’s through drafting, right?

Amy Poehler is primed to be one of the stars of the new season. She’s still a co-anchor on Weekend Update, and she has a bevy of characters and impressions at her disposal. Personally, I think she’s too hammy, but that makes this pick even better for Jason.

(Note: In the time between the draft and the posting of this round summary, there have been two episodes of the new SNL season, and they’re working hard to make Amy Poehler THE star of the show. I mean, she’s in EVERYTHING! There are only three women on the show, and she’s muscled them out of the picture. Even Maya Rudolph! And no, I’m not just saying this because I picked Kristen Wiig (who did get a bigger role in the second show) in the eighth round. Let’s get these other cast members some more face-time!)

Alan Benson selects Michael O’Donoghue

That’s a fun choice. Fun, like a prom date’s veneral disease, am I right, people? But I kid the O’Donoghue. He does have the distinction of being in the very first sketch on Saturday Night Live, and his style of humor added that edge to SNL that everyone looks back at fondly.

Alan’s take on O’Donoghue:

I’ll leave the last round, Mister Mike, by just saying that there’s far too little so-creepy-it’s-funny stuff on modern-day TV. Also, he’s Irish, so expect lots of drunken punch-ups with Shane MacGowan (my bandleader) on Saturday Night Alan.

–Alan Benson

Bandleaders! I completely forgot about bandleaders! Dammit. Okay, Alan calls MacGowan (of the Pogues, if you didn’t know) and finishes his cast.

Rob Terrell selects Jimmy Fallon

What’s funny about this pick is I don’t think Rob could pick Jimmy Fallon out of a line-up if he had to. Fallon was definitely a fan-favorite in his years at SNL, either behind the desk with Tina Fey on Update or in his dorm room hosting a talk show with Horatio Sanz.

Yes, he would have been a better pick than Ben Stiller for me, too. Shut up. I’m over that now. You’re just trying to get into my head. Well, it won’t work. Because there’s only one choice to make here. I need a newscaster, and I’m taking the best available.

Charles Rempel selects Jane Curtin (news anchor)

Okay, you DID almost rattle me, because at the last moment I was debating about that mumblemouth Colin Quinn becoming my anchor. In the end, there was never a doubt. Jane Curtin was one of the earliest (replacing Chevy Chase behind the desk), one of the longest-running (80 episodes, tied for third most all-time), and simply one of the best. Either as a solo anchor or teamed with Dan Aykroyd or Bill Murray, she’ll give my Weekend Update anchor seat some much-needed class. Plus, she has a great catchphrase: “Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.” You gotta love that in your final pick.

So now I have both parts (actor and anchor) of Jane Curtin, and I saved my draft. Hooray!

Galen, let’s end this draft of a high note.

Galen Black selects Terry Sweeney

You won’t hear a bad word from me here. Terry Sweeney is the only SNL cast member I ever met, and I think that holds true for every member of the Van Gogh-Goghs (we met him at the Big Stinkin’ Festival in Austin, Texas, one year). He was super-friendly, and even had questions about our group (he researched us through our little ol’ website).

Now, because of this meeting, I don’t know if I’ve softened my thoughts on Sweeney or not. I remember he had a high energy throughout his time at SNL, and he did a very good Nancy Reagan impression. If he weren’t there during the Anthony Michael Hall year, things might have been different. Or not. Like I say, I may be biased now.

So let this be a little lesson to you Hollywood phonies out there: be nice to your fans.

Here’s Galen’s take:

I had the final choice of the night and I threw the choice away. I have big plans for Terry Sweeney, but I could have made a better choice. Tracy Morgan was still on the list and I passed him over to take Sweeney, because men in drag are funny and there aren’t many of the SNL cast who do female impersonation better. He still has the best Nancy Reagan impersonation of any of the SNL Alum.

–Galen Black

You can’t use him as a Sweeney Sister, Galen. Get that thought out of your head right now.

Round Ten recap

First, remind me to pick a bandleader. That idea by Alan was primo.

The end seemed a bit anti-climactic, didn’t it? After Alan taking Al Franken in the first round and my bumbling in the ninth, not to mention all of Jason’s nutjob moves, the final round was a little too safe. Jason and Rob got solid actors and I got a premier newscaster. Alan and Galen went sentimental, and T. Mike just decided to grab any girl and end this painful charade.

Our full rosters, with each Van Gogh-Gogh weighing in on his cast, will be posted in the next few days. Tell us who you think has the best cast, and the worst cast. Who made the dumbest move of the draft? The shrewdest?

Stay tuned… the Fantasy SNL League is just beginning!

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