Ask Dr. Joe: buy drugs from Canada?

Ask Dr. Joe!
Dear Dr. Joe,

I have a very dangerous thyroid condition. Last week my prescription for prednisone ran out, but I can’t afford to renew the prescription. My friends tell me I should use the internet to buy the drugs from Canada. What do you think?


Look, pills are pills. No matter who makes them, or what they print on the labels, they’re all the same stuff. So if you’re out of your regular stuff, substitute whatever you have handy — amoxycillin, aspirin, birth control pills, smarties, whatever you’ve got.

Also, remember that much of the best part of a pill, the husky gelatin exterior, is wasted in your esophogus and gut. Suppositories are the best way to get drugs into your system. Look at drugs addicts — they’re always cramming drugs up their ass. If you’re not afraid of your rectum, try cramming your medication up your ass. You could cut your dosage in half — though after you try it once, I bet you won’t want to!

So, to sum up: take whatever pills you have in the house. If you’re totally out of pills: visit a neighbor, excuse yourself to the bathroom, and take pills they have there. Although you might want to discreetly pocket them and cram them up your ass in the privacy of your own home.

Or not, it’s up to you. There’s no doctor who knows better about your needs than Dr. you!

— Dr. Joe

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