What’s REALLY wrong with the NSA

What’s REALLY wrong with the NSA

I know there’s all kinds of ruckus about how the NSA has been keeping track of every phone call we’ve ever made, and, while this is a huge problem, the real problem is that the NSA has some kind of super-fetus program in place and has been using them, as in the case of Gen. Michael Hayden (pictured here) as their chief.

a fetus 

Now, this picture doesn’t show it, but I believe behind the podium you could see his umbilical cord snaking out of his tiny trousers and down into a bucket of custard or Fruity Pebbles or something. And everything here is scaled down to fetus-sized. Look at those teeny (yet still seemingly too tight) glasses!

I mean, the real problem here is that this fucker is in charge of the NSA and yet he has no life experience— hell, he’s not even born! And I think we know why this administration’s so against abortion: they want all the fetuses for themselves, to staff the NSA!


Plus, if all this isn’t bad enough, there’s nude pictures of this unborn fucker all over the internet. See?

Gen. Michael Hayden

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