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PLEXICON Purchases Web Humor Portal

LOS ANGELES (Forbes Magazine) Apr. 1, 2000---- PLEXICON has purchased the web humor portal site of Los Angeles-based sketch comedy group The Van Gogh-Goghs for an undisclosed sum. This marks a milestone for PLEXICON, signalling its entry into the Internet, providing Internet content and humor of any kind. PLEXICON president John Plexicon was pleased with the purchase and said, "With this purchase, PLEXICON enters the Internet and the Informative Age."

The web portal, with its consumer traffic in the hundreds of thousands, provides valuable services to its computer savvy members. PLEXICON will now be able to tap into this previously untapped consumer base and tap it.

The purchase marks a departure from the company's long and illustrious past of heavy industry and consumer goods production. "Companies today must establish a strong presence on the web if they are to keep up with consumer units and enjoy inflated stock prices," said ConSulComCo Vice President Kevin ConSulComCo. "With technology we will achieve these [goals]."

PLEXICON undertook a long and comprehensive overview of the World Wide Internet before deciding upon the Van Gogh-Goghs humor portal. "Humor is an effective marketing tool to consumer units, especially the traditionally difficult-to-market-to Generation X" said ConSulComCo. "Humor is the spoonful of sugar that helps the poison go down."

"We're very pleased with this deal," said Van Gogh-Gogh sketch comedy group member Rob Terrell, from the deck of his new yacht, The Corporate Idiot. "Very VERY pleased."

"PLEXICON has bought themselves one hell of a web site," said Alan Benson, Van Gogh-Gogh sketch comedy group member, via phone from the Yucatan. "I'm sorry, I meant 'portal' of course."

The corporate headquarters of really, really big PLEXICON corporation.
"Its a win-win situation all round," said T. Mike Childs. "They get a websi...portal and now we can buy food and shelter!" Childs is also a Van Gogh-Gogh sketch comedy group member.

PLEXICON approached the The Van Gogh-Gogh Entertainment Consortium with the deal via Ebay, the online auction house. Initially, PLEXICON suggested a development deal keeping the Van Gogh-Goghs under contract for twenty-nine years. The Van Gogh-Goghs counteroffered a straight buyout of their humor portal. PLEXICON agreed, and the deal was struck.

"We forsee being able to use this portal to advertise to more consumer units than before, as well as coordinate 'just-in-time' inventory systems, data analysis, loan amortizations and recipe storage." said ConSulComCo.

"As I successfully predicted in 1998, computers are the future," said President John Plexicon. "My prediction for 2000? Computers are still the future."

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