Get Lied to on Twitter!

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We got a Twitter account! Follow us, won’t you?!

It’s not just any ole bullcrap like your aunt twittering what they ate, read, saw, breathed. It’s full on lies, my good, good friend. May I call you friend? Great! Also, can I borrow $50 bucks? I can pay you back Tuesday. Awesome.

Look, we know what you like. Fooling your friends. With lies. No problem. We have got tons of believable lies. Try ’em out, see if you can get your friends to believe ’em. Or just be amused up to and including once a day! Fresh lies daily! DAILY, my friend. DAILY. No lie!

One Response to “Get Lied to on Twitter!”

  1. SmokyB Says:

    No. I’m not getting a twitter account so fuck off with that.

    What I wanted to talk about was the fact that furniture porn (yay – even though it’s a long, long time ago) has just been nominated for the UK’s Turner Prize!

    Magic. A lovely payoff. Kudos