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Most people who make palindromes limit themselves to ones that are kind of comprehensible, like my early attempts:

"Yay, Bob won!" Stressed Eva, "Have desserts now, Bob, yay!"


Al lets Stella.

But not me! I went where the palindromic spirit took me, no matter what surrealistic/dadaistic path it shoved me down. Here's some short ones:

Reward drawer
leg gel
repel leper
revel lever
mined denim
evil olive
very rev
late metal
ska yaks
faced decaf
pot top
not a ton
Re: Tsar's Raster
Rot in omega age monitor
Bore Rob
emits time
spasm saps
Dip a rapid
Arab rabid I Barbara
Dr. Award
Mr. Arm
sup on no pus
devil ermine denim relived
Dial tone? He not laid.
On, to, of, foot? No. salad do odd, alas
Sled omni in models
red nun under
ran Alps, planar
tactile relit cat
Revolt a cat lover.
A location? No, it a cola.
No, is iced. Deserve reversed decision?
No, it pure lava naval eruption.
ale dome model A
hoopla coffee reef focal pooh
eliminate tan I mile
K.O. Allah, teeth all A-ok
Yo, Jesus is use joy.
Ahem, all. Let's use Jesus, tell lame, ha.

Here's some longer ones.

Rap busiest estate feta tse tse I sub par
Beryl guitar play, o' royal prat. I ugly reb.
Decades sap, passed, aced.
No, it never prevents a last never prevention.
Gnostic illicit song.
Diagnostic illicit sale elastic illicit song aid.
Race variable, "Elba," I rave, "Variable," I rave! "Car!"
Rob align, I keep peeking, I labor.

These are some of my personal favorites- some of them even actually make sense!

Sex at, egad, low old age taxes.
Laminates a set animal.
Reviled drats! A buoy! You bastard, deliver!
A Nan abdicates set acid banana.
Ham? Sit o' pencil, o' banana! An anabolic nepotism! Ah!
Tibia I bite. Rip, mutilate petal! It umpire tibia I bit.

Here's my political palindromes; the first one is a tribute to our former Vice President.
Knower Gore, Der ogre wonk
Tapes, pill, esteem meets ellipse. Pat. (I think this one may be about Nixon.)
Reno bonded no boner.
Nuremburg are rag, rub me, run.
Star comedy democrats.
Roomy car comedy democracy moor.

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