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He's a doofus and here's photographic proof

Rob Terrell

Height: 9' 11"
Weight (Brain pan): Ten pounds
Special skills: Telephone dialing (local calls only)
Fun fact: Has six fingers on left hand
Notable Achievements: Founder of the Cinema Pathetique school of cinema (a motion picture version of those crying-clown paintings)
Awards: Simultaneous holder of both the "Most Westward Van Gogh-Gogh Award" and the "Extreme Easternmost Van Gogh-Gogh Crown"

Hello, my name is Rob. I are a rather large doofus, confidentially, just between you and me. I am such a doofus that I had T. Mike write my web page, that is to say, the page you're reading right now! I am such the nimrod. If you were to run into me on the street, you would hear me saying things such as "Duh, I am stoopid" and "Hello, my name is Rob, you know, the doofus you may have heard tales of." I am also reknowned for my stench; in particular, the buttocks are quite ripe. How I get through the day without a well-deserved face slapping is beyond me. If you see me, please, I beg of you -- slap my face, hard as you can, and please be kind and remind me of my buttock stench. It is so foul.

Other crap written by Rob you might find on this web site:

If I was stuck on a desert island and I could only take ten albums, none of them would be by you, so quit asking already.


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