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Ask Dr. Joe!

As a result of our recent Federal lawsuit, VGG.com is under a court order to provide a certain amount of public-service web pages. To comply with this order, we're pleased to offer a web outlet for the medical wisdom of Dr. Joe, the only physician we know whose examination room is a bitchin' tricked-out '78 Econoline van. We're not certain where he went to medical school, but this man's professional demeanor-- he showed up for our meeting in a white lab coat, and within four minutes had checked all of our prostates, twice-- convinced us that Dr. Joe would be a perfect way out of our court-ordered troubles.

Most Recently Added:

Ask Dr. Joe #6-- Like a teetotaler mixing drinks, the accidentally celibate Doctor addresses sexual health issues, such as: How does one stay amorous? And what's involved in penis enlargement?

Ask Dr. Joe #5-- The Good Doctor describes what a heart bypass operation is all about.

Ask Dr. Joe #4-- The urinary tract is discussed. Again.

Ask Dr. Joe #3-- Dr. Joe teaches a colleague about dealing with bereavement.

Ask Dr. Joe #2-- Urine, blackouts, and Twinkies...it's not flashbacks to your senior prom, but more questions for the doc.

Ask Dr. Joe #1-- The Good Doctor is asked about too much fat and not enough calcium in the diet.

Ask El Boyo Gigante!

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