The Food on the Grill

"...the latest and the greatest of them all."

Fillet in the Life
Did you read the news today? Oh boy! Food on the Grill has a lucky new dish that made the grade! A succulent marinated cut of beef served with oven-roasted potatoes and chickpeas. Now you'll know how many bites it takes to fill your empty stomach!

Bisque and Trout
Shake up your palate with our piping hot bisque and work it on out with ocean trout. Your choice of fried, baked, or steamed.

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Sandwich
You'll get by with a little help from our French bread! Plus ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and, of course, bell peppers, and artichoke hearts. It was 20 years ago today that Chef Pepper taught the band to saute!

Sun King Crab Legs
Here comes the Sun King crab legs! Fresh from the ocean and swimming in melted butter. It'll have you waxing incoherent!

Rubber Sole
Our delicious sole is anything but rubbery. Fresh, never frozen, it comes with herb butter or tartar sauce. Just promise you won't pay with a rubber check!

Octopus' Gardenburger
We'd like to be under the sea, eating an Octopus' Gardenburger in the shade, but then the bun would get all soggy! Stay on dry land to enjoy this vegetarian treat. Guaranteed 100 percent octopus—(and any other meat, for that matter) free!
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