The Food on the Grill

"A coffee dessert — yes, you know it's good news..."

Strawberry Shortcake Forever
Nothing to get hung(ry) about? Let us take you down to our ripe red strawberries on a field of warm fresh-baked shortcake with whipped cream on top.

Baby You're a Rich Flan
How does it feel to be one of the hungry people? You'll never know, you'll be topping off your meal with a generous serving of our authentic Mexican flan!

Wild Honey Pie
Indulge your sweet tooth with a clear conscience—our flaky homemade crust is filled with honey from free-range bees.

Why don't you do it a la mode?
Add a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream to any dessert for only 50 cents more.

Mother Nature's Sundae
The classic—the healthy way! Peruvian plantains and frozen yogurt smothered in hot carob syrup, homemade lo-fat whipped cream, and topped with granola and a real, hand-picked cherry.
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