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Rock fiction is a subgenre of musical fiction that involves rock music in the theme, plot, or setting. It may involve a character who is involved with rock music. The topic does not necessarily include works of fiction written by actual rock stars of which there is a growing amount. While rock music in fiction is nearly as old as rock music itself, it has only recently begun to be acknowledged and identified as a separate genre of fiction. A Guitar

The types can be broken down into several categories. Some works are about real, existing rock stars or rock bands treated in a fictional manner. The "Elvis Presley Mysteries" series has the noted celebrity, a veritable synonym for rock and roll, solving crimes in between concerts. Some works are merely set against a background of a real-life music scene, but may only incidentally, if at all, deal directly with musicians or groups.

The majority of works, however, are about completely invented rock stars or groups. The gamut runs from books for very young children to adult novels. Young adult novels with a rock music theme are becoming more and more prevalent; an example is the successful 16 book series, The Cheetah Girls, which was also turned into several films and videogames.


This pathfinder was written for teenagers and adults interested in finding more rock music-oriented novels and short stories. It may also be of use for educators and teachers interested in finding novels and short stories that appeal to teenagers. This pathfinder limits itself to novels and short stories published by reputable publishers (avoiding self-published online fan fiction), although it must be acknowledged that there exist many rock music oriented films, television series, made-for-TV movies, and even some stage musicals. This pathfinder will, however, note when a particular work has been adapted to another medium.