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Alan Benson, is the newest member of the gang. In fact, it is only due to his unceasing efforts that the group can rightfully call themselves a comedy group at all. It was his idea to try to make people laugh. Before his much needed presence, the others simply scratched themselves on stage and hurled obscenities at the audience.

Galen Black, the clown prince of darkness, was once in position to rule the world through treachery, his legions of the night, and an ingenious "Doomsday" machine— until he gave it all up for his true love— making people laugh.
T. Mike

T. Mike Childs, so mean he once killed a man just for snoring too loud, supplies the stupid comments and endless bickering that holds the group back and keeps it from reaching its true potential. It's only the group's promise to his dead parents to look after him that keeps him from receiving a well-deserved spanking.

Charles Rempel, formerly heir to the throne of Morocco, is a brilliant yet directionless prince. Or at least he was, until he met his demanding taskmistress, Comedy. She whipped Charles (real name: Carlos Mohammed al-Rabin) into shape, the shape of a formerly lean, mean, comedy machine. Regarded as a comic prodigy in his homeland of Morocco, he set sail for the sunny shores of the U.S.A., to prove his worth to his increasingly alienated father.

Robert Terrell, is the army's answer to comedy. Trained as a Green Beret, Staff Sgt.Terrell proved his worth by bravely sending a nest of snipers into helpless fits of laughter, saving his entire platoon from an ugly death in the jungles of Iraq. The Van Gogh-Goghs are proud to have "The Sarge" on our side. Semper Fi, Sarge!

Jason Torchinsky, is the group's rising star. Already on a first name basis with people he knows, he plans to dump the others for a promising solo career at the earliest possible moment, leaving the rest of the members bitter and disaffected. While their mediocre careers plunge down the toilet, he'll require extensive therapy to deal with his intense guilt and shame and recover the balance he lost so long ago in the simpler, hand-to-mouth clubbing days of The Van Gogh-Goghs.

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