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The VGG Dream Log
T. Mike's Strange Dreams
(With Commentary)

by T. Mike

Hello. T. Mike here. These are some of the dreams I have dreamed. With commentary. I would like to stress that these are all ACTUAL, REAL dreams I have had. They have not been invented nor exaggerated for comedic effect. Granted, liberties have been taken in the dream selection process. Those dreams possessed of more comedic overtones have been favored over those that did not. The dreams are listed below in reverse chronological order.
*  T. Mike's Dream About Bill and Hillary Clinton

*  T. Mike's Dream About Jerry Lewis

*  T. Mike's Dream About A Cat

*  T. Mike's Dream About Franklin Pierce

*  T. Mike's Dream About Kermit the Frog

*  T. Mike's Dream About Batman and Catwoman

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