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Hello! Welcome to the Swingline Owner's Club Web Page! I'm Lionel Simca, and, as you are probably aware, I am an avid amateur staplist and a collector of classic Swingline staplers.

I started the Swingline Owners Club (SOC) here in Chapel Hill, NC, and, though the Swingline parent company won't publically or privately acknowledge our existance, I take their hostile silence and the restraining orders sent by several of their key executives as a silent but forceful nod of approval of my organization.

This, plus a strong and dedicated membership base make us one of the premiere Stapler enthusiasts groups in the southeast, having great meetings, shows and competitions, all involving stock and custom Swingline staplers, of all types, years and models. Plus, for those of you interested in purchasing a new or used Swingline stapler, or if you may be restoring a classic Swingline of your own, we are a great resource for finding original Swingline parts, operating and repair tips, as well as great memoribilla.

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