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Thanksgiving Day Eating Games

by Charles Rempel

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday, because it gives Americans a much-needed time to count our blessing and thank our lucky stars for our good fortune. And if that's not enough, we get to combine all that with a monstrous intake of food! It's the one time each year that we are encouraged to stuff pound after pound of turkey and potatoes and stuffing and anything else we can get our hands on into our mouths, as long as we mumble some sort of "thank you" between bites. Throw in a couple of football games, and you have created an American classic on a par with the Ford Mustang or iron smelting or baseball without the designated hitter.

I can't help but dwell on this over-eating, just because it's not a normal occurrence in everyday life. To me, such gluttony harkens back to the days of my youthful binge drinking, all the way back to last Thursday, spilling into right now. The only difference that I see (except for the obvious fact that one group is liquid and alcoholic and a great way to collect empty tequila bottles, and the other isn't) is there are no fun eating games to play with your buddies until you get sick. No games, that is, until now.

Below are a collection of eating games for your enjoyment this Thanksgiving Day, or whenever you may have an excess of food. Good luck!

Tummy Rummy

Gobble Gobble


Turkey Quarters


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