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Hey! Nice tie!

Sick of Jack-O-Lanterns? Oh yeah, me too! When it comes to sticking rotting vegetables on your doorstep, why not try one of our new, hip designs, GUARANTEED to bring intense Halloween joy to anyone who passes! What a better way to celebrate this sacred day than with something that commemorates the birth of our savior, Hallo-- wait a minute. Hold on, I got kind of mixed up. Anyway, check out this crap:

Carve another, smaller Pumpkin!
Smaller Pumpkin Template PDF

Carve your PIN number in! That one's not really ours, so don't even try. Our is 5563, jackass!
What fun!
Pin Number PDF

Aw, crap. Too late.

Yeah, let 'em ALL know!
Weed Template PDF

Start carving a Maury Povich pumpkin! Then, fuck it! It's great!
Maury Template PDF

James Carvelle. Pat Buchanan. Carve 'em on pumpkins. And make them kiss!
James and Pat PDF

America! America! Ba ba ba BA ba bum!
Patriotic PDF

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