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Halloween Two Thousand Boo!

It's time again for the world's greatest celebration of freeloading and panhandling -- Halloween. This is a special time of the year when kids of all walks of life -- not just poor kids -- can unashamedly knock on neighbors' doors and beg for food.

But Halloween isn't just for kids. Adults experience the joy of giving. Grown-ups can feel good about themselves, knowing that at least one of the kids who stopped by trick or treating was probably poverty stricken and those two miniature tootsie rolls are more than enough to make up for looking the other way while we pass the soup kitchen on the way to work.

This holiday season, VGG.COM proudly present our tribute to Halloween.

First off, take a look at what you will need to make your Haunted House Complete.

Need a few ideas for that pumpkin carving contest check out these scary and sick Jack O' Lantern Designs.

If you want to collect your fair share of pity candy this Halloween, you might want to consider these tips for Pity Candy Costumes.

If all that were not enough to keep an ample amount of chili in your trousers this Halloween then read the Van Gogh-Goghs' Find and Replace Classic: The Raven.


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