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Double Ho 7
Double Ho Seven:
On Her Majesty's Secret Santa

Testing, one two... okay it's working. Standby everyone! Sound department- check. Wardrobe - get ready! Someone get the HTML coder a fresh inkwell! Places everyone, places! Bring the electrons to full power... now! We're on!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Van Gogh-Gogh Radio Company of the Web is now... on the Web! Here, in the holiday spirit, our modest group is proud to present a charming little spy-oriented playlet we like to call "Some Crap That Galen Thought Up, Possibly While Drunk." We think you'll be pleased by how short it is. Sure it seems long, but you'll notice during your many, many watch-checkings that it clocks in at a mere five minutes. Is it so much to ask that you grimace and nod politely at Galen for just five minutes? He worked so long and hard on this piece, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. Wonderful! You've brought a smile of joy to the drooling lips of his little pointed head!

So click here to download the .MP3 file and start the fun! (2.3 Mb)
Or here for the .aif file if you get your fun that way. (1.3 Mb)

Say, need an MP3 Player? Well, step right this way my friend. The VanGoghCogh Industries' Shoddy Knockoff Department has got what you need!

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