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Say, What's This All About, Anyway?

Have you ever been in a grocery store? Well, just pretend for the sake of argument. Let's stroll over to the soda section. Here are all your popular name brand sodas, but what's this? Some store brand of soda you never heard of!

Many grocery and drug store chains offer their own in-house brands of discount priced products, including sodas. There's a discount counterpart for every popular soda pop: yer basic cola (Pepsi, Coca-Cola), a clear lemon-lime (Sprite, 7-Up), a yellow-green citrus flavor (Mountain Dew, Mello Yello), various fruit flavors, and of course that other one, Dr. Pepper. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, Dr. Pepper has been flattered since its invention in 1885. And since these chains are none too inventive, they ape the good doctor's name as well, spawning (according to our current estimates) some 90 imitators with medical credentials. Ninety! Dang! When we discovered this odd phenomenon, we decided to start collecting!

Some Other Junk:

If you're interested in trading cans or bottles with us, correcting our information, or cluing us in to other doctor sodas and where we can get them, please email us.

Vague Promises To Improve the Site

Oh, man you ain't seen nothing yet! We're gonna update this thing every time we get a new doctor soda. Heck, we're gonna update it all the time with all kindsa doctor soda related news! And we're gonna have individual pages for each soda, and a big picture of each can and maybe some crazy MapQuest stuff that shows where we got it and, and, and, Oooh! Java! And, and uh, DHTML! And VRML! And artificial intelligence!

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