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2001 Charles
P.O.C. was created in 1995 so people like you can get to know people like Charles Rempel a little better. Here you will find bits of Humorique (VGG.com's personal brand of imitation comedy) with a distinct Charles spin, as well as some odds and ends that frankly should never see the light of day. It's your chance to get to know the real Charles. Okay, maybe not the REAL Charles, but probably a peek into the paper-thin facade of pain and humiliation he calls his "life." Did we mention it's funny? Good, we don't want to be accused of lying.

Thank you for visiting P.O.C., and in the immortal words of Charles, "Hope you don't hardly never get that a-thing stuck up all in your craw! Ooooh, lactose!"

And how's this for humor?

May We Recommend:
Dead Celebrity Makeovers- A chance to give deceased stars a new lease on life.

May 8: The Bi-Polar Day- Examine the highs and lows of May 8.

J'Accuse Me!- Charles explains why he rigged the Village People contest.

An Attempt to Be More Interesting- Charles plans... aw heck, the title says it all, doesn't it?

You Probably Didn't Know- A collection of interesting trivia from around the world and in your own backyard.

Five Short Stories about Pigs on Skates- This is the finest collection of short stories concerning pigs and skates.

How to Prevent a Santa Invasion- Keep those pesky Santas out this holiday season.

Thanksgiving Day Eating Games- Try these great games next Turkey Day.

Charles' Bad Halloween Costumes- Charles discusses his bad luck with Halloween costumes.

How to Suck at Basketball- A tutorial giving step-by-step instructions on how to play basketball really poorly.

Day in the Life of a Trashcan- Charles spends the day as a trashcan.

Nabooneki's Infected Computer- A scratch 'n' sniff story about a geek, a computer, and a virus.

Mayonnaise Monday- A short story about a loser, ice cream, propane, and mishearing song lyrics.

Alternate fortune cookie extensions- Try these different ways to read your cookie's fortune.

Yo-yo tricks-- Learn some new boss yo-yo tricks!

Charles also likes talking to people using cups and string. Unfortunately for you, he has an unlisted string. Emailing Charles is more reliable.


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