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Thanksgiving with the Van Gogh-Goghs

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

The Van Gogh-Goghs are tired of hearing about how horribly wrong your holiday dinner went with your family and friends. Judas Priest, people! How hard is it to sit down for an hour or three and eat and act like civilized doofi? We here at the Van Gogh-Gogh Institute of Having a Dignified Meal Once a Year want to show you all how proper people enjoy a holiday feast. Watch and learn!

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Whole Lotta Crazy Christmas Links!

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

Hey we got you a Christmas present! Open it! Open it! That’s right! Used men’s underwear! The tight, white kind! Perfect for everbody! You don’t have a problem with used clothing do you? Aw c’mon! Greenpeace and all that crap! Save the planet! Save the whales! Save me some money!

Alright fine, you ungrateful Nimrod. Here: Christmas comedy! And here’s some more, even:
Home Made Gifts
A Holiday Tale
Van Gogh-Goghs to Participate in Ritualized Capitalist Excess
Winter Holidays Announce Three-Way Strategic Merger
Holiday Season Marketing Effort

I hope you choke on it.


Monday, October 30th, 2006

To celebrate the anniversary of our Lord and savior (President William Howard Taft) being nailed to a pumpkin, and then rising again three days later as a scary, scary ghost demanding candy, The Van Gogh-Goghs present our collection of Halloween comedy!

Pumpkin-mutilation tips!

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

It’s Halloween time again, when Black Santa hitches up his eight tiny daemons to his sleigh and brings candy and terror to all the good and terrified kids. Then he chugs the glass of blood you left for him and makes his way back to his Dark Castle in Romania. Good times!

And, no Halloween is complete without some ritualistic pumpkin-multilation, so why not use these Classic Van Gogh-Gogh Pumpkin Carving tips?