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Alien Abduction!
We are not alone in the universe. This simple statement, once the subject of so many heated debates, can now unequivocably be proven true. How? Because we have proof, of the videoish kind.

See, a few days ago, one of the Van Gogh-Goghs was heading over to an internet-arranged 'date' behind a local grocery store. As per instructions, he was underwearless and carrying a camera. En route, he noticed something extraordinary: Aliens, right here on Earth.

The greenish-grey skinned aliens proved to be quite devious, as they blatantly and right out in the open abducted an innocent human specimen, most likely now the victim of a vigorous probing. Finally, the abduction methods of aliens are revealed. View and prepare yourself for the coming horror of our alien overlords. All hail!



© copyright 2001 The Van Gogh-Goghs